• Er is genoeg voor iedereen-there is enough for everybody

    father Physics and mother Chemystry. Grandpa Big Bang looked at daughter Radiation, in love with the Atom, Fotonsflew ound her ears and moleculs appeared. Grandma Earth liked turning around Star Sun, they all melted their stuff together and the first cells came on the scene. Ma Organo did it in the see in the XX way still. Organos became Organismos and then the system of Pa came in life XY it went.  Together they crawled on land to start the more recent art. Now everything looks like finished, nature thaught. There is enough for everybody. But look, here and there the big moneymakers wage war for more. Remember the principle of the cell originally was  all about SHARING.

  • Dit is ons Leven-this is our life

    This is our life. This is your life. We can not give it back? Being has  lot of reasons. We must travel through them and live them.  Leaving the burdens and too heavy things behind us; changing them in too the real wisdom stuf inside. Being, concealing and more and more clearer richness.  Isolation and reunion. But interchanging all the time. Weighing with wisdom.  Born from thorn or just or unjust. Out of love and blessing bles.  Count your blessings.

  • Strijd-Battle

    Philosophical Intake. Non existing is impossible.  Everything exists.  Nothing cannot exist. If a situation, something,somebody, from a lot becomes practically nothing, it explodes.  Big- bang of matter and relations.  Existing, constant movement, battle against non sense, meaninglessnes.  Because everything and everyone does not want to be nothing or nobody...there is a lot of venine.  Wanting to posess too much, beiing too yealous, too much ego, to much selfcomplaint, too much fear, too rich, too poor...and too poor of spirit. We are not occupied in thinking 'why do I do this or that', but we're occupied with 'did I already get enough of this or that...that's what controls most of us. Stand still with what you're deeper being in fact really wants.